May 27 2009

letter spin

3585 days ago

source code

May 21 2009


3590 days ago

Today I had some time to revisit the “Zaubertine” file i did in my recent post.
So I decided to make a smal drawing application where you can draw, choose different colors or stroke weight, erase, clear or even save it. thanks to this guy for the saving part !!

view it here
souce code here


May 16 2009


3595 days ago

Today I saw a job offer on the internet.
The person wants a drawing application where the stuff which is drawn will fade out after a certain amount of time. If a horizontal line is drawn from left to right, it will fade from left to right rather than fading all at once.

you can view the working swf here:
and the source code here .
(You need Flash CS4)


May 6 2009


3605 days ago

Welcome to my blog !
This blog will be about Actionscript/Flash/Flex/Air and design related stuff.
All source code is free of use but without any warranty. Just drop me a mail at info[at]liluc[dot]com and let me know where you used it.
I hope to help or inspire people. Feel free to post comments.